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Carpenters Primary School


At Carpenters, we aim to draw on the children’s natural curiosity with the world by providing hands on scientific experiences from the Early Years through to Year Six.

The children engage in these activities each half term through an area of science taught within a topic.

Each science based topic throughout the year has opportunities built in for children to develop their investigative skills and work scientifically.

In our classrooms, children's enthusiasm and interests are incorporated to develop their skills in thinking, talking and writing scientifically.

Children have the opportunity to raise questions, plan and carry out investigations to find answers, analyse their findings and make links with their scientific knowledge.

During each topic, teachers assess and evaluate children’s learning to inform planning. The children show their learning and progress by completing a knowledge harvest, before and after the unit of work.

Throughout the year, there are opportunities for the children to take their learning outside the classroom with educational visits to science based venues. We also host visitors to the school who deliver engaging and exciting scientific presentations, to support and enrich the learning in the classroom.