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Carpenters Primary School

Religious Education

RE Curriculum

RE is an important curriculum subject. It is important in its own right and also makes a unique contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils and supports wider community cohesion. At Carpenters we use the Newham Agreed Syllabus for RE and it is taught over a week every half term. To see what your children will cover, click on the following link:

Places of Worship Week

Every year, the school encourages our children to learn about RE and other
areas of the curriculum such as; English and Art, outside of the classroom.
In order to do this, all children have the opportunity to visit a place
of worship during the Spring term. Following this visit, the children will
produce a piece of writing and/or Art work which will be entered into a Newham
As a school we try to ensure that all children get the opportunity to visit each
of the places of worship over their time at our school. I have listed below the
details of each visit for you:


Parents/carers have a legal right to withdraw their child from Religious Education.
It is always hoped that here at Carpenters we can find a way to keep all children
involved in their religious education. Should a parent/carer wish to do so, they must firstly request a meeting with the Headteacher to discuss the concerns in order to come to an agreement.